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Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles
Our heat resistant terrace tiles are designed for proven performance, easy application and cost effectiveness. They are suited for multiple building construction projects. Also, the thermal insulation roof tiles reduce your building cooling cost.
Heat Reflective Paint
Heat reflective paint is great for building improvement and performance. It offers energy cost savings, reduced Co2 emissions and easy applications. Also, there are good insulation and UV protection in all situations. 
Cool Mortar
Cool Mortars are well known for their low thermal conductivity level, good heat dissipation feature and excellent thermal properties. These types of mortars are suitable for different types of masonry jobs. These contain mineral stabilizer, fine metal and white cement with excellent binding properties.
Albedo Roof Paint
High Albedo Roof Paints are reckoned for their excellent weather resistant properties, high temperature protection function and minimal solar reflectivity level. Made of concrete material, these roof paints last for long period.

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